30 Day Yoga Journey; Day Sixteen, Kindness

hey friend! Blogging from my mat. Today we are kind.

I don’t think there are rules that you should follow to show your kindness. Maybe there are, but I’m not familiar with. I just tend not to hurt or do harm to anyone, if possible, I try to help. But lately I’m doing my best to be kind to myself first. Well, I’m trying.

I have temperature and flu, I wish I didn’t have to work today. I would looooove to spend half of the day in bed and then cook some hot soup. Well, scammers are waiting, have to go.

See you tomorrow.


30 Day Yoga Journey, Day Fifteen, Balance

hey friend!

I had totally forgotten about blogging. One of my friends, who is one of the reasons I do yoga every day and blog about it just messaged me “where is today’s blog?”.

The problem is that today’s yoga was not fully mine. I was disturbed, I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t find my balance. Meh, it was another workout. And it was a good workout as well.

My feelings are back. I am able to laugh. I used to smile while watching the funniest stand up, yesterday I was able to laugh. It was really strange for me and I’m not sure if it’s a good sign.

It’s a cold, usual morning. Nothing special to talk about.

See you tomorrow.

30 day Yoga Journey; Day thirteen; Ease

Hey friend! Blogging from my mat for the thirteenth time already. Lucky day!

So only Adriane could title the session “ease” and make us do eighteen minute core workout. My muscles are crying. OK, confession; loved it, needed it.

The problem was to find that ease through the pain and struggle, to ease your face muscles, neck and shoulders and not to forget about the fuel of your soul: breath. Well I can’t say that I nailed it, but it was OK.

With every day I feel much more alive, I feel myself getting much more flexible, my mind is free, my breath is back.

Enjoy the sunny Sunday! Enjoy your morning coffee!

See you tomorrow!


30 day Yoga Journey; day twelve; Stability

hey friend! Blogging from my mat again! It’s high time to find some stability.

Who doesn’t want it? Especially, when it’s kinda the synonym of being strong, being firm. I felt like I found it today. At least during the yoga session.

Didn’t do yoga in the morning today. I had my first therapy session. Before the therapy I was too worried and excited. Too many thoughts… So I thought: “hmm… you can’t do yoga now, it will feel like some workout, do it after the therapy.” Yeah, right…. After it I was so exhausted as if I had climbed Mt. Aragats (i’ve never done it, hopefully will never do, that was like…well I imagine that I will be that tired after climbing up 4090m). So went for a walk, met my little nephew, had some fun playing with him and doing that stupid things we do when we see a kid, then met one of my friends, had some stupid lunch (that cafe didn’t have a single vegan dish, they made something for me that tasted like air). What was I saying? Yeah, I postponed Yoga. “I will do it in the evening”. Well, I just finished it and it’s 3 am.

Being stable is not that bad. I’ve always like change. Of course the change that is synonym with improvement. But some things are better to be stable, well e.g your spine (:

So we were trying to find that center…dandasana… if I’m not mistaken. I feel like I found it, didn’t fall during the yoga. That’s a yay!

See you in a a few hours.


30 Day Yoga Journey; Day Eleven; Soul

Hey Friend, blogging from my mat again. It’s day eleven and it’s for our soul.

When Adriane said “namaste” I was like “that’s it?”. It was a sweet short stretching and breathing, turning our minds off and listening to our breath.

OK, confessing, I can’t do pigeon pose. My legs are not that flexible. But that’s the aim of the journey. Getting more flexible and learning not to think about anything.

Most of my toxic thoughts are gone. So happy about it. There was a time when they used to start right when I opened my eyes. Now they are gone. I feel free. Thought I’m afraid they will be back with every little trigger.

Gonna have shower and start my day. It’s Fridyaaaay!

See you tomorrow.

30 Day Yoga Journey; Day Ten; Align

Hey my friend, blogging from my mat. Today we align.

We sit in front of the computer more than eight hours a day and god knows if we ever think about our spine. Today I tried to align my head, chest and find the perfect tadasana; the mountain pose.

I loved the chair pose as well. It’s nice that with the time you learn the vocabulary and you don’t have to look at the screen. Especially me, I can’t do yoga with my glasses and can’t see the screen without glasses.

Have nothing much to talk about. It’s a usual Thursday (wow, this week is running). Gonna make my coffee and start my work.

See you tomorrow.


30 Day Yoga Journey; Day Nine, Release

Hey friend! Blogging from my mat! I did one legged tadasana!!! Sorry, couldn’t help 😀

It’s day nine! It took me two hours to make me get out from the bed and do my yoga. I have done some workout yesterday evening and my every muscle hurts. Anyways, today we release.

I can’t say I was able to release any thought or expectation, but I was able to do one legged tadasana and found my balance. That’s why I am smiling now 😀

My anxious thoughts are still with me. I’m working on it.

Well, I can’t believe it’s already day nine. I love this journey more and more every day.

See you tomorrow! Namaste.

30 Day Yoga Journey; Day Eight; Relax

hey friend! It’s day eight, feeling great! Blogging from my mat again, covered with my blanket; it’s relax day.

I remember when I was doing home workout every day, some relax days were about doing nothing. I remember feeling something was missing during those rest days. I’m really glad that Adriane decided to do some stretches, some deep breaths and consider it a relax day.

Loved it.

Gonna take it easy today, it’s relax day, no stress, no panic, no worries. I’m just gonna be on survive mode 🙂

See you tomorrow 🙂 Namaste.

30 Day Yoga Journey; Day Seven; Sync

Hello friend! Blogging from my mat again. It feels good. Day 7! Yay!

So this time we sync. And finally I could sync with the Journey. Tomorrow I’ll join for the 8th session and I’m back on track! I hope I won’t skip another day.

So every time Adriane asks at the beginning: “close your eyes and notice how you feel”. Today my answer was “I just cried, but I’m OK”. And at the end, when she asked the same question I was smiling and thinking “much better”.

We synced our breath with our every movement and we practiced some ujjayi breath. I love it, it makes you feel more powerful. Think about that, even your breath is noticeable and loud. It feels like you own the world.

it was a usual “I want to sleep” Monday. I feel a bit tired, more emotionally tired. I feel like the only reason I’m alive these days and I keep moving and smiling is this Yoga Journey. I can’t imagine what would happen if I hadn’t decided to start this. Anyways, I’m glad I can share this experience with you.

Gotta go. See you tomorrow! Namaste.