30 day Yoga Journey; day twelve; Stability

hey friend! Blogging from my mat again! It’s high time to find some stability.

Who doesn’t want it? Especially, when it’s kinda the synonym of being strong, being firm. I felt like I found it today. At least during the yoga session.

Didn’t do yoga in the morning today. I had my first therapy session. Before the therapy I was too worried and excited. Too many thoughts… So I thought: “hmm… you can’t do yoga now, it will feel like some workout, do it after the therapy.” Yeah, right…. After it I was so exhausted as if I had climbed Mt. Aragats (i’ve never done it, hopefully will never do, that was like…well I imagine that I will be that tired after climbing up 4090m). So went for a walk, met my little nephew, had some fun playing with him and doing that stupid things we do when we see a kid, then met one of my friends, had some stupid lunch (that cafe didn’t have a single vegan dish, they made something for me that tasted like air). What was I saying? Yeah, I postponed Yoga. “I will do it in the evening”. Well, I just finished it and it’s 3 am.

Being stable is not that bad. I’ve always like change. Of course the change that is synonym with improvement. But some things are better to be stable, well e.g your spine (:

So we were trying to find that center…dandasana… if I’m not mistaken. I feel like I found it, didn’t fall during the yoga. That’s a yay!

See you in a a few hours.


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