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the fall of Instagram

Hey my friend, 

the title maybe is some kind of provocative but who said I can’t predict the future.

whatever, me and my friends (yes, I have friends) talked about instagrams and tik-toks a lot today and I got angry again. And I don’t get it again. And I am not able again. I wish I were able to go and knock the doors of every influencer and say “do you believe in jehovah’s promise of a future resurrection….mmm…no, do you believe in eternity of Instagram?

People make such good kind of content there, they spend energy and time, of course, they earn some money. But that “thing” is not stable, it’s not permanent. And most of all…it’s not yours.

Once upon a time there was an Instagram, people used to live there happy and peaceful, they loved spending time there…and one day the evil witch comes….nope Lilith, stay on the topic, Zuckerberg comes and decides to sell it, as they did with Twitter. He earns a lot of money and he builds a huge cottage with bread walls, a cake of roof, and sugar windows…. Lilith… sorry, I got distracted again… OK, he does whatever he wants with his money… then comes the new witch, someone like Ellon Mask and says “hmmm, I don’t like the pink color of the logo, I don’t want it to be called Instagram, and other different I-don’t-wants. The people who were happy and peaceful express their dissatisfaction, and the new witch is like: whatever dude, it’s my life and it’s my social media.

The powerless people leave the Instagram. And if there are no followers, there are no influencers. If no one follows who to influence, dude?

This is the end of the fairy tale, and no apples fell down from the sky, this tale has no gravity, man.

The people of Twitter migrated to Mastodon. But this is a story for another day. The people of Instagram left without home and homeland. Please, shut up, don’t say that they could go to Tiktok, because I can write another story about Tiktok as well.

And at that time a kiddo just came out of the crowd and shouted “The king is naked”… nope, he didn’t say so, he said “MADE YOUR OWN WEBSITE, have your own website, write a blog at least, it will belong to you and not a Zuckerberg and you will decide when and how long it should last.

As soon as my statue is built (this girl and her ambitions), please write on it: Make a website, write a blog, bitches.

I thought it’s supposed to be easier…

how I got my first job

hey friend,

It does not matter how much I try to be a cosmopolitan, I live in a country that differs and I live in a society that didn’t have the culture of volunteering, and it was an egg-hen problem: you don’t have an experience so you can’t get the job, you don’t have experience because you haven’t worked.

When I was still a student at the Linguistic University, when I was trying to convince myself that being an English-Armenian translator is the best way for me, the urge of being independent and not asking money from my parents was higher than everything for me, so I thought maybe I shouldn’t wait for the day to get my degree and look for a job, I could do that while studying.

So I was a 19 year old girl, with no job. In my country it’s pretty OK, here parents never make their kids work until they are twenty-something, but I was ashamed.

At that time I was still in my culture shock – moving to a big city from a small village I felt like an Englishman in New York. I got mugged, I didn’t know the name of the streets, I didn’t know good places to go and meet people, hang out, so the only place I had found out was an anticafe – aeon.

Aeon was the only place I would go, study, play board games with my friends. Once, while we were playing some jenga or whatever, I found a flier on the table about a conference – Hartak (Platform). They were looking for volunteers for it. I applied right away. I was chosen for the PR team to help to talk about the conference, to distribute fliers, to write small articles what is Hartak and what is going to happen during the conference.

One of the managers, who was really nice and who liked me, saw how passionate I was, how I would ask every day what I could do more. And the fact that I was looking for a paying job was in the air. I could ask anyone if they know something I could do.

One day, after being rejected for the twentieth time, I went to aeon to have some coffee and read. I was so disappointed that when I entered there and the manager said “Good day” I answered “if it is one”. I told her about the company that had hired me for a trial perios, asked me to do some work and after taking the task they had said that the other candidate is better than me and that I was useless maybe.

I didn’t think I was useless to be exact, people made me believe that. In a few weeks the manager of that awful company wrote me and asked me to send the task again because she had lost it. Now you tell me, if my task was useless for them, why would them ask for it again after rejecting me.

The manager of Aeon – Anahit saw my pain, and told me she was sure I would find a good job in a very near future. I didn’t even have remote idea that the next day she was going to call me and tell me that she worked for another company as well and that she wanted me to be their employee.

So the next day I was there, sitting on the interview-chair for like thirty-third time. This one was different, to the question “do you have an experience” my answer was “yes”. Volunteering is kind of underestimated sometimes. But if someone does their best without getting paid, imagine what they would do if you offer them good payment. I told them about Hartak and everything I did there, I talked about my duties and my responsibilities, and I was pretty sure I was doing well. So there was the worst question of the history: “sell me this pen (or glasses I don’t remember)”. I couldn’t sell it if I am not mistaken, I had never worked in sales I was giving stupid answers. I was pretty sure I failed again, when Anahit called me the next day and said that the manager liked me and I was hired.

My first job was a call center representative at, people would order everything from food to flowers, from groceries to books. Looking back I can say that I learnt more things from that work that I could ever imagine. Anahit was a perfect manager and I was a sponge around her. She taught me how to answer people when they are hAngry, how to sell more than they were willing to buy, how to calm down the customer whose order is late.

So, a long story short, if a teenager comes to me and asks for a piece of advice how to find a good job, I tell them to go and to volunteer for some time if they could afford. Volunteering discovers your true nature and develops your soft skills; something that is so relevant in this AI century.

That was my story, tell me about yours (:

I thought it’s supposed to be easier…

30 Day Yoga Journey; Day Twenty Four; Create

hey friend! Blogging from my mat again; it’s day twenty four and today we create….

Well, do we? What do we create? Do we create a mood for the day and how do we do that? Do we create something to be remembered by? I actually don’t. Recently I have been thinking about the meaning of the life, what’s the point? At the end of the day we remember only those who have left something after them, some piece of music, some piece of art, a novel maybe, maybe they have fought for the country.

I do none of the above mentioned and I am pretty sure I will not do. So what’s the point of my life…

Being creative is something given and also it’s something you should work on. I feel like I have been given that skill, but I have never worked on it. So now it’s gone. I am a boring usual person. Doing nothing creative. Making the same food every day, doing the same tasks at work, wearing the same type of clothes.

The only thing I create, I make is my blog. That’s the only thing I add on this world. The rest of the day I am a simple consumer.

Well, that’s it for today.

See you tomorrow.


30 Day Yoga Journey; Day Twenty Two; Truth

Hey friend! Finally blogging from my mat again. It’s day Twenty two for the journey and it’s day one for me again. Today we find the truth.

My doctor says it’s pharyngitis, I say it’s the new version of covid, but anyways, the truth is that I was in bed for almost two weeks with high fever and all its friends. Well, the good news is I am back again, kind of healthy and ready to continue my yoga journey.

In today’s session we did some balance (tree pose), which I love, just because I am good at it and we did some lion’s breaths. What I took from there is that you should always find the balance, concentrate and find the truth, be true to yourself and also, never be afraid to utter your truth, hence the lion’s breath. Have you tried it? You exhale with your tongue out and your gaze to your third eye. It’s crazy, you feel like whatever you say, everyone must obey you. It’s powerful. It’s strong. So let your truth be as powerful as your lion’s breath.

Well, I had a bit of struggle at the beginning, I’m not that energized, but now I feel much better and really hope I will be on my mat tomorrow as well. As one of my friends says; it’s OK to fall, it’s not OK to stay down.

See you tomorrow.


30 Day Yoga Journey; Day Twenty one; Curious

Hey friend! Blogging from my bed today. I’m curious why? Let me tell you.

Had a doctor’s appointment in the morning, It was a huge struggle to wake up early, but I managed. After it I was feeling so active, I assume that was the morning walk during the rainy weather, I didn’t manage to do yoga.

During the day my temperature got so high, that I was only able to keep my eyes open to tell the team I am taking my lunch break. I slept during my “lunch break” and it turned out to be a good decision. I’m OK now.

So I only managed to do my yoga after work. I collected all my energy and brought myself on the mat. Today’s mantra was “I choose ….”. Not gonna say how I ended that sentence. I will be happy if you end the sentence for yourself. What do you choose? At the end of it I was shaking my hands and legs like a crazy kiddo on the floor of the supermarket. Anyways, loved it. And I came to bed right away.

Have another appointment tomorrow so have to wake up early again. I wonder if it’s gonna change my schedule. I hope so, I need to learn to wake up early and sleep early.

See you tomorrow.


30 Day Yoga Journey; day twenty; Inward

hey friend! It’s the twentieth day I’m blogging from my mat.

Adriane says I’m a hero and it’s hard to disagree. I’ve already mentioned that this is not my first 30 day Yoga Journey, but this one is special, because this one follows to a great pause of doing yoga and I kind of didn’t believe that I will last for twenty days.

Today we look inward, listen to the conversation between our mind and body. It was some stretching and I felt how sore my every muscle is after yesterday’s yoga. I’m telling you, this girl knows much more about my body than I do.

It’s a calm crazy Sunday morning. Stayed in bed till 4PM. Did literally nothing other than watching some Youtube.

Have to clean the house, cook, get ready for the coming week. It’s gonna be great! (at least I want so)

Have a wonderful Sunday! See you tomorrow!


30 Day Yoga Journey; Day Nineteen, Ride

hey friend! Blogging after late breakfast.

After today’s yoga I just lied down for like 10 minutes thinking about my therapy, remembered some scenes from my childhood, cried a bit.

The good news is I was kind of happy after it. Adriane promised an active yoga session and she kept the promise. It was more than active. It was crazy. Moving with the breath.

Gonna have some calm day. I feel strong after my therapy and yoga makes me stronger, the hardest part is to keep it until the next Saturday. I failed last week. Let me see what is happening this week.

See you tomorrow.


30 Day Yoga Journey; Day Eighteen, Meditate

Hey Friend! Blogging from my mat. Not sweating today, because today we just meditate, we find our sukha – ease.

Well, I’ve always known that it’s a great way to clear your mind and have a restart, but it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. Sometimes it’s really hard to leave that thought and come back to your breath.

I was able to do that like 80%, not more. The most stupid thoughts visited me during the meditation.

Anyways, I loved it. Tomorrow it’s gonna be an active yoga.


30 Day Yoga Journey; Day Seventeen; Rinse

hey friend! Blogging from my mat again.

I had zero energy in the morning so I preferred to stay in bed and postponed my yoga to the evening. Happy, that I kept my promise, and did the yoga after work.

Today I felt my breath, I heard it and I was not deep in my thoughts. I was there, I was present.

Hurt my hands a bit though, hope it’s nothing serious.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s session.

See you tomorrow.