30 Day Yoga Journey; Day Twenty one; Curious

Hey friend! Blogging from my bed today. I’m curious why? Let me tell you.

Had a doctor’s appointment in the morning, It was a huge struggle to wake up early, but I managed. After it I was feeling so active, I assume that was the morning walk during the rainy weather, I didn’t manage to do yoga.

During the day my temperature got so high, that I was only able to keep my eyes open to tell the team I am taking my lunch break. I slept during my “lunch break” and it turned out to be a good decision. I’m OK now.

So I only managed to do my yoga after work. I collected all my energy and brought myself on the mat. Today’s mantra was “I choose ….”. Not gonna say how I ended that sentence. I will be happy if you end the sentence for yourself. What do you choose? At the end of it I was shaking my hands and legs like a crazy kiddo on the floor of the supermarket. Anyways, loved it. And I came to bed right away.

Have another appointment tomorrow so have to wake up early again. I wonder if it’s gonna change my schedule. I hope so, I need to learn to wake up early and sleep early.

See you tomorrow.


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