30 Day Yoga Journey; day twenty; Inward

hey friend! It’s the twentieth day I’m blogging from my mat.

Adriane says I’m a hero and it’s hard to disagree. I’ve already mentioned that this is not my first 30 day Yoga Journey, but this one is special, because this one follows to a great pause of doing yoga and I kind of didn’t believe that I will last for twenty days.

Today we look inward, listen to the conversation between our mind and body. It was some stretching and I felt how sore my every muscle is after yesterday’s yoga. I’m telling you, this girl knows much more about my body than I do.

It’s a calm crazy Sunday morning. Stayed in bed till 4PM. Did literally nothing other than watching some Youtube.

Have to clean the house, cook, get ready for the coming week. It’s gonna be great! (at least I want so)

Have a wonderful Sunday! See you tomorrow!


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