the fall of Instagram

Hey my friend, 

the title maybe is some kind of provocative but who said I can’t predict the future.

whatever, me and my friends (yes, I have friends) talked about instagrams and tik-toks a lot today and I got angry again. And I don’t get it again. And I am not able again. I wish I were able to go and knock the doors of every influencer and say “do you believe in jehovah’s promise of a future resurrection….mmm…no, do you believe in eternity of Instagram?

People make such good kind of content there, they spend energy and time, of course, they earn some money. But that “thing” is not stable, it’s not permanent. And most of all…it’s not yours.

Once upon a time there was an Instagram, people used to live there happy and peaceful, they loved spending time there…and one day the evil witch comes….nope Lilith, stay on the topic, Zuckerberg comes and decides to sell it, as they did with Twitter. He earns a lot of money and he builds a huge cottage with bread walls, a cake of roof, and sugar windows…. Lilith… sorry, I got distracted again… OK, he does whatever he wants with his money… then comes the new witch, someone like Ellon Mask and says “hmmm, I don’t like the pink color of the logo, I don’t want it to be called Instagram, and other different I-don’t-wants. The people who were happy and peaceful express their dissatisfaction, and the new witch is like: whatever dude, it’s my life and it’s my social media.

The powerless people leave the Instagram. And if there are no followers, there are no influencers. If no one follows who to influence, dude?

This is the end of the fairy tale, and no apples fell down from the sky, this tale has no gravity, man.

The people of Twitter migrated to Mastodon. But this is a story for another day. The people of Instagram left without home and homeland. Please, shut up, don’t say that they could go to Tiktok, because I can write another story about Tiktok as well.

And at that time a kiddo just came out of the crowd and shouted “The king is naked”… nope, he didn’t say so, he said “MADE YOUR OWN WEBSITE, have your own website, write a blog at least, it will belong to you and not a Zuckerberg and you will decide when and how long it should last.

As soon as my statue is built (this girl and her ambitions), please write on it: Make a website, write a blog, bitches.

I thought it’s supposed to be easier…

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