30 Day Yoga Journey; Day Twenty Two; Truth

Hey friend! Finally blogging from my mat again. It’s day Twenty two for the journey and it’s day one for me again. Today we find the truth.

My doctor says it’s pharyngitis, I say it’s the new version of covid, but anyways, the truth is that I was in bed for almost two weeks with high fever and all its friends. Well, the good news is I am back again, kind of healthy and ready to continue my yoga journey.

In today’s session we did some balance (tree pose), which I love, just because I am good at it and we did some lion’s breaths. What I took from there is that you should always find the balance, concentrate and find the truth, be true to yourself and also, never be afraid to utter your truth, hence the lion’s breath. Have you tried it? You exhale with your tongue out and your gaze to your third eye. It’s crazy, you feel like whatever you say, everyone must obey you. It’s powerful. It’s strong. So let your truth be as powerful as your lion’s breath.

Well, I had a bit of struggle at the beginning, I’m not that energized, but now I feel much better and really hope I will be on my mat tomorrow as well. As one of my friends says; it’s OK to fall, it’s not OK to stay down.

See you tomorrow.


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