30 Day Yoga Journey; Day five; Represent

Hey friend!

It’s the day 5, high five. I’m blogging from my mat again.

I assumed my weekend would be kind of calm and free, but it was much crazier than a usual day. Apparently I had planned too much stuff for 48 hours. So I skipped a day of yoga. But I came back. Planning to do two Yoga sessions tomorrow to be back on track.

I’m in the emotional hell right now. Every second is a struggle not to cry. My thoughts are a mess, I’m a mess. And these long four second inhales and six second exhales helped me to calm my mind for a few minutes at least.

My intention of starting this journey was only to find time for myself and concentrate on myself a bit. When I skipped a day and preferred to care about other stuff instead of doing yoga, I felt like I’m not following my intention. OK, forgiving myself. 🙂

See you in a few hours. I’m off to bed.

Take care.

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