30 Day Yoga Journey; Day Two; Notice

Hello friend,

Blogging from my mat again. Today we notice.

While doing the yoga, though it’s not always recommended I tried to notice what is happening around me. My boyfriend was setting up the coffee machine, my “robot” vacuum cleaner was cleaning my bedroom. Our heating system was broken in the morning, now it works again, and its noice made me happy. Well, yeah, I hate cold.

I got a gift from my friend, it’s a thing (have no idea how to call it), either an air purifier or something like that, I can add some water in it and the steam goes out like a flame, and if I add some scent, my house will smell like a heaven. Gonna try that after blogging.

So yeah, noticing small things in the world. Noticing what people do or say, or don’t do and don’t talk about. Noticing the smiles and the colors. Noticing the light and the warmth.

That’s today’s theme.

I think my coffee is ready. Gotta run.

Stay happy and healthy and notice every good detail in the world.

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