Starting my 30 day Yoga Journey, day One, Set

Hey friend! Blogging from my mat 🙂

New Year resolutions shouldn’t be forgotten on the 1st of January! They should be done, we should be committed. And don’t think of something as Crazy as Ross did with the leather pants, and nothing as impossible as Chandler not making jokes on his friends.

I decided to start from January with a Yoga Journey with Adriane.

Day one; Set. So I set up my mind to concentrate only on myself, be a bit selfish and be kind to myself. If you can’t say “I” you will never be able to say “I love you” or “I trust you”. So my kindness to the world is going to start from myself and from my yoga mat.

It’s easy to forget about commitments. It’s not easy to open your mat every morning, especially when you are broken, anxious, especially when you find it hard to get up. I know what I’ve committed and I am going to do it, stick with it.

We’ve moved to a new house. It was kinda symbolic to start the new year in a new house. We’re trying to make it home with my boyfriend’s legos and my books. It starts to look homie.

Have a great day! Stick to the list, the bucket list of your life, start from now.

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