go hack yourself

 hey there, 

so I got this pin (btw sent from Defcon) and I loved it. 

 for me hacking is not only about looking for a vulnerability and cracking the system. mostly I see it as the most creative way you can approach to the problem, think differently, finding the point that is not wanted to be found, acting unexpectedly. and what’s the point of these actions? at least for me the only goal is the improvement of the safety of the system you are about to hack. 

I caught myself on the thought that all my life I’ve brought myself to the level of being cracked to find the vulnerable side of mine in order to be able to improve it, to make it and myself more secure, I’ve put myself in a situation I’m not ready at all to see how I react. for me that’s the only way of self-consciousness, of course along with meditation and yoga. 

so, maybe you’ll see a pun here and a swearing word, meanwhile this is not offensive at all (pun intended). this can be understood as a motto about knowing yourself and hacking your mind. 

go hack yourself

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