an experiment


most probably you have already heard that the success is nothing than a result of ongoing hard work and patience. I have heard, read and said this for thousands of times, but my either laziness or lack of patience had never let me see or feel it on my own. 

This year in March I received my first iPhone. I used to be “an Android girl”, and I was pretty sure that iOS would never be a part of my life. Yet, I’m studying iOS development now. Anyways, after installing all the  necessary software on the new phone I installed a game, a really funny one – Fishdom by Playrix. I was kind of hooked on it, could play for hours until I didn’t feel my fingers. The concept is lovely; you buy fish, you feed them, you design their aquarium, and you play more, and buy more, discover new worlds and new aquariums. Some levels are terribly hard, I could be stuck on the same level for days and I would go crazy but I always kept trying and not a level was unbeatable. 

Yesterday, for the first time in these eight months I came the first in the gold league. That meant something to me so please laugh but not so loudly. 

You know I’m always looking to find something between the lines. So here, this game came as a proof that if you are devoted, if you keep struggling, if you try hard, one day you’ll collect enough marbles and you’ll be the first. 

I thought it’s supposed to be easier…

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