30 Day Yoga Journey; Day Seven; Sync

Hello friend! Blogging from my mat again. It feels good. Day 7! Yay!

So this time we sync. And finally I could sync with the Journey. Tomorrow I’ll join for the 8th session and I’m back on track! I hope I won’t skip another day.

So every time Adriane asks at the beginning: “close your eyes and notice how you feel”. Today my answer was “I just cried, but I’m OK”. And at the end, when she asked the same question I was smiling and thinking “much better”.

We synced our breath with our every movement and we practiced some ujjayi breath. I love it, it makes you feel more powerful. Think about that, even your breath is noticeable and loud. It feels like you own the world.

it was a usual “I want to sleep” Monday. I feel a bit tired, more emotionally tired. I feel like the only reason I’m alive these days and I keep moving and smiling is this Yoga Journey. I can’t imagine what would happen if I hadn’t decided to start this. Anyways, I’m glad I can share this experience with you.

Gotta go. See you tomorrow! Namaste.

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