about motivation and how to find it


Well, today we had a little discussion on mastodon about getting motivated for work. I had no idea what motivates me until I was asked and eventually had to think about it 😀 And the things that came to my mind were:

1. “understanding what you are doing and why you are doing especially that”. Sometimes we get lost under the pile of tasks and can’t help getting disappointed. It takes a second to remember the reason why we chose that profession. OK, I’m fighting against scammers, I’m helping the people who might be victims one day, who might lose money or worse; private information. 

2. “discussing cases with colleagues”. 
Working from home has thousands of advantages. I feel much more comfy and I work much more efficiently when I’m alone in the room. But knowing that there are people who can help me or I can be helpful, we can just discuss this or that case, reminds me that I’m not alone and that’s relevant for me. 

3. “listening to podcasts/watching videos of the people having the same profession”. This not only motivates you but educates you as well. You can learn about new tools, new methods, listen to their stories and feel yourself as a part of the community. And it’s awesome. 

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