intro(2) why

hey there, 

I had been thinking about having an English blog for like a year (or more…whatever). the gods of Olympia had foreseen that it should be opened on a cold spring day somewhere in 2022. who am I not to follow their predictions?

So it’s already 5 am, but we are still sitting at Antranig‘s office working and listening to some good music which makes us alive awake. 

meanwhile, I’m trying to solve some levels from Natas, and (what a surprise!) it doesn’t seem to be a child’s play. being a complete beginner in the field, I needed some hints, at least. Hackmethod has already posted a few blogs with hints and everything but unfortunatelly  they have given up after level 10 so right after that you choose: either look for other blogs and find too many spoilers, or DIY. spoilers and already written passwords are not acceptable for me, I’m doing this for learning and I require explanations for the steps. there is nothing left than doing it myself (this means I’m just gonna ask some help from the Discord community) and blog about every level (of course without spoilers, just brief tips). 

so, my word for the coming generations: “follow my future blogs, because I’m going to post some hints for each level in case you have difficulties… and before I forget, stay hydrated”.

I thought it’s supposed to be easier…

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